Our history:

Many of you already know us, but where did Emmedi Fantech come from? I have had a huge passion for American classic cars and cinema since I was a child, I know Back To The Future by heart since I was probably 7 years old, as well as Terminators, Ghostbusters, Star Wars and I could name many others, including recent ones. As a child I enjoyed taking toys apart to see how their mechanisms worked and as I grew up I became passionate about the functioning and assembly of Desktop PCs. I've always worked as an electromechanical technician, first in the industrial sector and then as an elevator operator, but I've never been able to feel totally satisfied with my job.

One fine day I hear of Eaglemoss publishing in Italy a collection to build a scale model of the Delorean from Back to the Future and I decide to embark on this adventure. Not satisfied with the electronic sector of the model, I decide to create my own management electronic board, I wanted that model to realize my dreams of American cars, cinema and personal satisfaction! It took me 3 years to complete that project and I must say it made me very proud of myself! What I never expected is the positive feedback and interest that project has aroused among various collectors around the world!



After numerous requests, I decided to start making my board on commission, completely changing the design to make it installable by all types of users, with any level of expertise in the sector, thus Modellismo e Arduino was born at the end of 2019. During the period of the first lockdowns, with work decreasing and the obligation to stay at home, I decided to investigate the matter and dedicate myself to other projects such as KITT, Iron Man and the Dodge Charger until thanks to the advice and help of my friend Roberto, I decide to take my little Delorean to Gardacon, the Montichiari comics fair, I get to know Ritorno Al Futuro Italia, of which I am proud to be a part today and I start participating in other comics events on Italian soil until the official opening of the company that takes the name of Emmedi Fantech, this is because the models are no longer our only occupation!

In fact we started working on our personal electronic project for the real Delorean DMC 12 which made its first appearance at Gardacon 2022 thanks to my friend Matteo! We have started several collaborations to create special effects on Pontiac Trans AM (KITT) and a wonderful 1959 Ghostbusters Cadillac thanks to the friends of Viareggio Movie Cars!

Right now we're working on our very own electronic restoration project on a 1978 Camaro, to make a tribute to BumbleBee from the movie Transformers!


Me and Maura, my better half! Present from the beginning, she has always supported the cause and thanks to her we started making hand painted 3D statues, portraits and drawings on commission as she is a wonderful artist! I probably wouldn't have gotten this far without her!

Luca, my brother, also present from the beginning, a deep supporter of the cause and a perennial encourager! He actively collaborates with us for whatever may be useful, takes care of appearances, the video-photographic sector and is always able to solve a problem! Probably the most reliable person I know!

Roberto and I! He is not actively part of Emmedi Fantech, but he is a deep supporter of it, he is the man behind the scenes! It made me have the first doubts about how I was investing time in my life, it was there at the beginning and I'm sure there will always be!

Would you like to come and see our cars or models on display? Do you want to see our work live? Come and visit us at the Italian comics fairs!!

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